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This is a vehicle for communicating on a consistent basis with others who share a common interest with me, namely trains and Model Railroads. It will also allow me to share some of my favorite photographs and knowledge with my friends and others whom I have recently met through the Web.

My first page was constructed using Microsoft Publisher 97 that route was chosen just to see if I could get one together and what was involved. Once that was achieved, I realized I could get a page together. So after playing around with the page for a few days, I became aware of the limitations of Microsoft Publisher 97 as a tool. I couldn't resolve discrepancies between Microsoft Publisher 97 as a creation tool and the big two browsers. IE gave one view while Netscape gave a much plainer view, the fact that Microsoft Publisher 97 gave a third didn't help. I needed a tool with more power and versatility. The best tool I had available was Front Page 97. I had been intimidated by it's apparent steep learning curve. Once I dug in and became determined it wasn't so bad and in a brief period of time it became almost intuitive. The proper choice of tools is very important to any one trying to achieve a creative goal. Microsoft Publisher 97 is good for quick results, but if you want a polished product go with Front Page. I tried several others which I have on hand, none of them really cut it. WYSWYG in a web creation tool is almost a mutually exclusive statement. Microsoft Publisher 97 comes close but doesn't have the horsepower for more elaborate pages. Front Page has the horse power, but there are thing in Microsoft Publisher 97 that I miss in Front Page. Primarily the ease of creating thumbnails for images.

The graphic manipulation was accomplished using Photo Impact 3.0 from ULead Systems which has incorporated a Smart Saver to give visual feedback on the quality loss for different compressions.

The music is a combination of Microsoft Music Producer and favorites I have had around for a while. I have had most of the music so long I can't remember where it was found.




Future Plans For This Page

The highest priority is to make available the exchange of ideas and information with others who share common areas of interest with me. This will mean the ability to up/down load files is critical. The exchange of links is also vital.

Since creating this Web page a couple of weeks ago, I used up all my allotted space, 10 megabytes, so I started getting little notes from my ISP about the size of my Web page. A fellow railfan suggested that I contact Railfan.Net. The kind folks here at provided me with the space I need to push forward.

I would like to address through this Web page an area of Model Railroading which has been overlooked by many, namely passenger trains, this includes the passenger cars themselves as well as the variety of head-end and mail cars so necessary to accurately depict, the passenger side of the railroad industry. The variety once, so taken for granted is now only a memory to most of us, having been replaced by Amtrak.

As you look through the various Model Railroading publications you will notice that for the most part passenger car modeling is almost universally ignored. Every now and then an article will appear on the subject. So to create the trains I want to run, I will be stepping off into uncharted territory. I know someone took pictures of these trains. I you did so and are willing to share them with others please e-mail them to me so they can be posted. Hopefully the sharing of this information will trigger some of our better model builders to come up with a few articles to fill the gap.





This page is optimized for Internet Explorer, if you are using another browser, you will not get the full impact of these pages as originally intended and designed.

Current Items To Do

The background music will not play when using Netscape.   I will now primarily focus on adding content, I'll figure out the other problems as I add the content and get ideas.


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